Alphabet – The perfect revolution
Abstract sign and analogon thinking

November 25, 2020 – January 9, 2021

REPETTO GALLERY – digital exhibition

Vincenzo Agnetti – Giovanni Anselmo – Stefano Arienti – Mirella Bentivoglio

Alighiero Boetti – Pier Paolo Calzolari – Daniele De Lonti – Lucio Fontana

Elisabetta Gut – Jannis Kounellis – Maria Lai – Fausto Melotti – Bruno Munari

Shirin Neshat – Salvo – Franca Sonnino – Nanda Vigo

Alphabetical writing, the one inaugurated in the Greek world, which has come down to us without major variations, has determined the birth of Western culture and its logical-rational specifications.

From the moment in which the sign, the first symbolic relationship with the divinity, is transfigured into an abstract sign which, freed from the symbolic signifier, imposes on thought the imaginative realisation of the named meaning (analogon), in the word composed of insignificant letters in their singularity, the rational logical model is imposed in the West.

Its appearance determines the exit from prehistory, from the world of myth, from the sign as a divine work to inaugurate a new adventure in thought.

Alphabetical writing and the consequent rational thought have produced culture, philosophy, literature, history, science, art.

In every single letter there remains the faint trace of an origin buried in the depths of time, an ancestral magic, the breath of a living god who revolutionised the world.

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